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About Us

Savile Rogue was established in London in 2006, by two English soccer fans (or, as we call ourselves, football fans), after our realization that the only soccer scarves you could buy were of poor quality, made of nylon and covered with garish club iconography.

We therefore set about making high-quality traditional soccer scarves in 100% finest cashmere wool. Scarves that were sumptuously soft and warm but also understated; subtly free of club names and logos, that grown-up fans could wear, not just to the game but on any occasion.

Worn by celebrity rogues such as Noel Gallagher, Ray Winstone, Plan B and Roberto Mancini, Savile Rogue's success in the UK is based on our unique position in offering premium soccer accessories to discerning fans, and from our close associations with some of the leading soccer bloggers. Incidentally, our name is a play on London’s most famous street of tailors, Savile Row.

The ‘bar’ scarf – the wide-striped soccer scarf – has a long history in the English and Scottish game dating back 100 years; indeed there is no more traditional item for showing your team allegiance.

Our top grade cashmere wool is selected from goats in the mountains of Mongolia, with one goat producing enough wool for just a single Savile Rogue scarf each year. It takes the the entire annual output of three goats to make just one of our sweaters (this may help explain why cashmere wool is so costly).

All the products shown as available on the site are in stock and orders are processed within one working day. We currently ship from the UK, but if our US business continues to grow we’ll be setting up a distribution point closer to your home shortly.

We aim to provide a high level of customer service and will do our best to answer your emails within 24 hours. Our customer service team is available to answer your calls Monday - Friday on +44 207 11 88 765 – just bear in mind that we’re 5-7 hours ahead of you, so call us in the morning US time.

If you want to contact us with feedback, product suggestions, or just to say ‘hi’, we’d genuinely love to hear from you either by email (info@savile-rogue.com), on Twitter (@savilerogue) or Facebook.com/savilerogue. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.  




Savile Rogue is the registered trademark of Savile Rogue, c/o Thinkprint, Cameron Court, Winnington, Northwich, Cheshire United Kingdom CW8 4DU