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The Complete English Centre Half Venn Diagram by Ricky Plows

This Venn diagram by Ricky Plows names Arsenal legend Tony Adams as The Complete English Centre Half, after careful consideration. Adams hit all the main criteria set out by Plows: Passon, Ugly Mug, Numbskull, Hoof! and Brick Shithouse. Of course, the joy is to be found in the names where the various criteria overlap. We’ll let you explore that for … Continue reading

Complete English Centre Half

Ticket Office by Joe Gregory

We brought you Family by Alex Turner recently (remind yourself of that here), which was one of the pieces of football art by University of Salford students chosen to adorn the walls of Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs’ new Hotel Football. Joining it in the hotel will be this photograph by Joe Gregory, entitled Ticket Office. We haven’t spotted anything … Continue reading

Joe Gregory Ticket Office

Vintage clubs by Emilio Sansolini

Gibralatar based graphic designer Emilio Sansolini has produced a series of football club rebrands. The theme of the project is that most clubs could cut a much sharper image if they went back to basic, especially when it comes to their kits. Describing the project, Emilio says: “[It's an] experiment to see football jerseys as simple and elegant as possible … Continue reading

Emilio Sansolini Barcelona

Football photography by Henk Blansjaar

The late Dutch photographer Henk Blansjaar was employed by Netherlands photo house De Spaarnestad. During his career, he took a huge number of photos and many of them were football photos. Within the football genre, Blansjaar’s speciality was the quirky team photo. There was no short lads on the bench, tall lads at the back for Blansjaar. He used the … Continue reading

Henk Blansjaar

Retro Football Grounds by Modest Football

Simple, yet effective are these images by Modest Football. The recipe is to take an old photo of an old football stadium – long since redeveloped almost beyond recognition in most cases (you’re excused, Fulham) – and add a bit of a sepia-style filter. Finish with some nice typography detailing the stadium in question and you’ve got a very nice … Continue reading

Villa Park Modest Football

Family by Alex Turner

Manchester United old boys Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have chosen a selection of football-related art by Salford University students to adorn the walls of their new Hotel Football. Naturally, our attention was drawn to this scarf-themed effort by Alex Turner, who uses everyone’s favourite piece of neckwear – the football bar scarf, of course – to say something about … Continue reading

Family by Alex Turner

1970s-style goal-line technology

This graphic was shared on Twitter by Form and Glory. They didn’t provide any information as to where it came from – other than the 1970s – but it looks like it could be one of those books that explains the rules of various sports. In this instance, we learn what constitutes a goal and what doesn’t in the form … Continue reading

Goal line tech

SOCCER CITY: The Beautiful Game football strategy game

There are strategy games to cater for all manner of geeks, but the football geek has been an underserved market. That could be about to change if this Kickstarter project hits its crowd-funding target. SOCCER CITY: The Beautiful Game is a turn-based strategy game in which you deploy one of you cards to control what your team does not. When … Continue reading

Soccer City game

The Football Pink – Issue 6 cover by Paine Proffitt

The Football Pink is a very good fledgling football magazine which is now into its sixth issue. Issue 6 promises the usual blend of opinions, musings, observations and stories on the Beautiful Game from around the world. But it also comes with the added bonus of a cover designed by one of our favourite football artist, Paine Proffitt. We’re featured … Continue reading


Footballpapers: Rubbish wallpapers of rubbish footballers

We’ve got a new favourite Tumblr and it’s called Footballpapers. It operates within the sweet spot of a Venn diagram involving dodgy footballers and amateur graphic design. Footballpapers serves as a compilation of the glory days of the arguably dying art of desktop wallpapers. They hunt around to find some of the finest specimens of rubbish wallpapers of rubbish footballers. … Continue reading

John Oster