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FREE UK next day delivery for guaranteed Christmas delivery

This is a last call if you want Santa to bring Savile Rogue gear to your home for Christmas. The discount code NEXTDAY100 will give you free UK Next Day delivery for orders over £100. Using the code when prompted during the checkout process will guarantee that your order arrives in time for Christmas. The NEXTDAY100 code expires on Monday … Continue reading

Savile Rogue NEXTDAY100

Buy 2 pairs of slipper socks for £44 (usual price £59)

No doubt you’ll be diving in for a two-footed lounge on your sofa over the Christmas period. Now you can do so in style, while wearing your team’s colours and showing your allegiance with your feet. With our chunky-knit and fleece-lined slipper socks, you have some ideal slouching footwear for putting your feet up and watching the televised games over … Continue reading

savile rogue slipper socks

Club shop hats of Championship clubs

Ah, modern football. There was a time when you could safely predict the small collection of products on sale at just about any club shop in the land. Not so these days, when you never know what is going to turn up for sale in your team’s store. As a case in point, consider this small sample of the headwear … Continue reading

leeds trilby

Staying warm at the game: Gerard Pique’s knight knitwear

Footballers aren’t necessarily for wearing the nicest gear when they travel to and from games, but Barcelona defender Gerard Pique really pushed the boundaries ahead of his side’s Champions League clash with Paris Saint-Germain last night. The former Manchester United man wore a hooded, knitted jumper in the style of a piece of chainmail armour. Knightwear, if you will. As … Continue reading

Pique Knight

Buy 2 cashmere scarves, add a cashmere beanie hat FREE

The weather isn’t great at the minute, so we’ve resolved to give you a bit of a bargain and a bit more warmth as part of your Christmas shopping. When you buy any 2 cashmere scarves, you can add a free cashmere beanie hat to your order. Just use the code HATFREE14 when placing your order. What happens to the … Continue reading

Beanie hats

Even Our Bobby Smoked At Half-Time by Julia Whalley

Think Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs and you don’y necessarily think ‘football art’. But their collaboration with the University of Salford to provide the artwork for their new Hotel Football venture has resulted in some really nice work seeing the light of day. We’ve already featured work from Joe Gregory and Alex Turner. This latest piece by Julia Whalley conjures … Continue reading

Even Our Bobby Smoked At Half Time

Typography posters by DINKIT

London-based DINKIT are selling this lovely range of typography posters via their Etsy store. The formula is quite simple: pick a European football club, take the first letter of its name and decorate said letter in club colours and aspects of its crest or emblems. But the results look fantastic. We’ve picked out the J of Italian giants Juventus, but … Continue reading

Juventus Typography Posters

Keeping warm at the game: Hearts fan in his bathrobe

As you know, we like to keep up-to-date with all the best ways of keeping warm at the game. But we have to confess this a new one for us. A Hearts fan attending his side’s clash with Celtic this week was spotted in the crowd wearing his bathrobe. The bathrobe in question was Hearts-branded – not that the presence … Continue reading

Hearts fan bathrobe

Savile Rogue featured in The Guardian’s Gift Guide

We were featured in The Guardian’s Gift Guide over the weekend. The Harlequins scarf from our new range of cashmere rugby scarves was picked as one of the coolest gifts for guys this Christmas. Naturally, we’re inclined to agree with that assessment. Thanks to The Guardian for including us. Of course, there is plenty of choice if you’re not a … Continue reading

Guardian Gift Guide

The Complete English Centre Half Venn Diagram by Ricky Plows

This Venn diagram by Ricky Plows names Arsenal legend Tony Adams as The Complete English Centre Half, after careful consideration. Adams hit all the main criteria set out by Plows: Passon, Ugly Mug, Numbskull, Hoof! and Brick Shithouse. Of course, the joy is to be found in the names where the various criteria overlap. We’ll let you explore that for … Continue reading

Complete English Centre Half