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Flip-book animation of Zinedine Zidane’s volley against Bayer Leverkusen

Zinedine Zidane’s sublime volley for Real Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen in the 2002 Champions League final has been turned into a superb flip-book animation. The superb strike, which gave the Spanish side a 2-1 lead at Hampden Park and proved to be the winning goal, has been recreated by New York-based artist Case Jernigan. Case has managed to capture the … Continue reading

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‘Sideburn Bob’ – clip art star of thousands of programmes

In the days before computer desktop publishing was commonplace in every aspect of printwork, it wasn’t so easy to produce a glossy matchday programme featuring a high-resolution image of your star man on the front cover. No, many clubs had to resort to a clip art cartoons on the cover… and it turns out many of them opted for the … Continue reading

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Gainsborough Trinity unveil new signing with misspelt club scarf

We’ve always maintained that scarves and writing, slogans and logos are not a good match. Another piece of evidence to support our case that your neckwear is better off free of all that malarkey comes courtesy of non-league side Gainsborough Trinity. The unveiling of new striker Marc Newsham from local rivals Boston United followed the time-honoured tradition of the player … Continue reading


2014 World Cup ball movement maps by Van Hong

We live in the age of the heat-map, but Van Hong has found a way to bring a slightly analogue and artistic way to handle the stats and data that no go hand-in-hand with the game. The New York-based editorial illustrator produced a series of diagrams showing the ball movement during matches at the 2014 World Cup. Each team is … Continue reading


Shwapsies daily virtual Women’s World Cup stickers

Shwapsies describe themselves as an “Artist Sticker Collective”. What does that mean in practice, you may well ask? It means daily Panini sticker-inspired artwork drawn by a group of talented football artists throughout the forthcoming Women’s World Cup. The sample sticker of Brazil star Marta shown to the right is the work of Dave Flanagan, whose pieces we’ve featured a … Continue reading

Marta Shwapsies

Quite Literally… Pundit Colouring

We mentioned a while back that this was in the pipeline… and now it is here. Quite Literally… Pundit Colouring is, erm, quite literally a colouring book featuring all your favourite pundits. The book includes 20 pundits for you to colour as you see fit, including Gary Neville, Jamie Redknapp, Chris Kamara, Jamie Carragher, Alan Shearer, John Motson, Mark Lawrenson … Continue reading


Steven Gerrard by Alastair Pike

It seems an appropriate time to be sharing artwork of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, especially when it is in the form of an illustration by an American artist (well, half-American, half-Chinese, according to his Twitter bio). With Stevie G winding down his Anfield career and preparing to see out the twilight of his playing days in MLS with LA Galaxy, … Continue reading

Steven Gerrard

Ipswich and Norwich supporting sheep get their wool dyed in Old Farm Derby colours

Providing the world’s finest football scarves directly to fans doesn’t often leave us feeling like middlemen, but we definitely feel like we’ve been cut out of this equation! We’re obviously big advocates of wearing wool that’s been dyed in your team’s colours to show where your loyalties lie… it’s just that we usually expect that wool to take the form … Continue reading

Norwich Ipswich sheep

Kick Half-and-Half Scarves Out of Football by Jim Daly

Comedian Jim Daly has taken aim at modern football in his new rap-inspired song Kick Half-and-Half Scarves Out. The video created to accompany the song features the Wimbledon and MK Dons scarf we recently wrote about. Was this the straw the broke the camel’s back and inspired the song? Urging others to join his campaign against half-and-half scarves, Daly said: … Continue reading

Jim Daly

MK Dons and Wimbledon: Is this the worst half-and-half scarf ever?

‘Tis one of the scourges of the modern age and a concept nigh-on unfathomable to most right-minded football fans, but for reasons unbeknownst the half-and-half scarf continues to thrive. Indeed, spotted among the crowd as the MK Dons secured their promotion to the Championship with a thumping win over Yeovil on the final day of the season, was quite possibly … Continue reading