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Drenched Roy Hodgson falls prey to the England manager’s accessories embargo

There was plenty of uncertainty in the air before last night’s postponed World Cup qualifier between Poland and England. The only thing you could guarantee was that Roy Hodgson would not be resorting to any rainwear or accessories to shelter from the downpour in Warsaw.

That ship sailed when Steve McClaren became the ‘Wally With The Brolly’ after England’s home defeat to Croatia in 2007. Fabio Capello then ruled out the use of a baseball cap. He was dubbed the ‘Prat In The Hat’ as England lost to France in the rain in 2010.

So, poor Roy just had to accept the rain flattening his previously precisely coiffured hair.

For future reference, Roy, not many offensive words rhyme with scarf… but if you wear one round your head you will probably look like an elderly woman heading out to the shops.

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