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Artist makes bespoke Zlatan Ibrahimovic knitwear

We’re informed by our friends at Dirty Tackle that Lisa Ann Auerbach is an American artist specialising in the medium of knitted sweaters.

To celebrate a current exhibition in Malmo, Sweden, she’s made a one-off Zlatan Ibrahimovic jumper at the request of a fan who works at the exhibition centre.

Auerbach introduces her latest work as “ridiculous, over the top sports sweater for a fan.”

That it might be, but you’d be guaranteed to turn a few heads. It features the slogan ‘ZLATAN’, some footballs and the ace of hearts (which apparently relates to Ibra’s tattoos).

Topped off with a nice Sweden scarf? Beautiful.

See the Zlatan sweater being introduced below (at around the 50secs mark).

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