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Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers wears terrible scarf

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers joined the ranks of scarf-wearing Premier League managers at the weekend – but he decided against doing it in style.

Perhaps in a calculated attempt to avoid mirroring Roberto Mancini’s classic bar scarf look, Rodgers instead opted for something a Reds-supporting pensioner might wear on her head for an outing to the local shops.

We’ve had a quick search of the Liverpool club shop and can’t find anything resembling Rodgers’ highly inflammable neckwear on offer, which gives rise to the entertaining prospect that he might have picked up his scarf at a stall somewhere near Anfield.

Regardless, after a 1-3 home defeat to Aston Villa, there’s a strong likelihood we won’t be seeing the unlucky scarf again any time soon.

And Brendan, if you happen to be reading, this is much more ‘you’.

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