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Celtic and Juventus fans’ cross-fence scarf exchange

There was a rather touching moment across the barricades at last night’s Champions League match between Juventus and Celtic. The result might have been one-sided in the Italian club’s favour, but the desire to pick up a memento or two was mutual.

These two fans resolved to swap scarves across the fence erected to separate opposition supporters. The duo each tossed their neckwear atop the fence and, in scenes reminiscent of a quirky border tradition at some distant frontier, each kept a tight hold on their scarf until they were certain that they weren’t about to become the world’s most obliging mugging victim.

Sufficient trust built up on both sides, the exchange took place and the supporters donned their new souvenir.

Unless you want the opposition supporter in question to get a much better deal, we wouldn’t recommend doing this with your Savile Rogue!

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