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Mario Mandzukic loses his Champions League medal, Boris Johnson prime suspect

With the vast amounts of sponsorship money thrown at the Champions League, you’d like to think a little chunk was dedicated to producing some high-quality mementos for winners of the tournament.

But Bayern Munich striker Mario Mandzukic managed to break his winner’s medal just seconds after receiving it following Saturday’s victory over Borussia Dortmund.

The Croatian’s vigorous jumping was too much for his new neckwear and sent his gold medal flying off its ribbon.

If it hasn’t turned up yet, Mandzukic might want to have a word with London Mayor Boris Johnson, who is suspiciously close to the medal’s disappearance.

See a video of the incident below. You’ll note Bayern president Uli Hoeness is wearing something that gives you more joy than a Champions League medal round his neck.

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