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Our pledge to Roberto Mancini: your next scarf is on us

Don’t worry, Roberto – your next scarf is free

Call us old fashioned, but we remember a time when winning the league usually bought you two or three more seasons in the post. Perhaps even longer if it was the club’s first title in more than 40 years.

But that wasn’t enough to save Roberto Mancini.

Given that he’s a man of impeccable taste who has brought the football scarf off the terraces and into the spotlight, we want to thank him in the only way we know how.

We’d like to offer him one of the world’s finest football scarves to help the transition into his next job.

Mancini will no doubt be hanging up his sky blue and white neckwear for the foreseeable. If the early rumours are anything to go by, it might be a scarf in the red and white of Monaco that Mancini will be requiring for next season.

Wherever you end up, Roberto, just give us a shout and we’ll fix you up with the appropriate scarf.

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