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Stoke fans launch preemptive ‘Mark Hughes Out’ campaign

Following the news that Mark Hughes is the new Stoke City manager, it’s safe to say that not all Potters are overwhelmed by the appointment.

In fact, a ‘Hughes Out’ campaign has been launched before the new boss has even been officially unveiled at the Britannia Stadium.

One supporter has taken to parking his truck at the Britannia Stadium with a ‘Hughes Out’ sign perched on the back.

After Stoke’s security staff decided enough was enough, he took to driving round the city whipping up supporter.

The driver, named only as Carl, said: “It is not just me, it is the thoughts of 90% of Stoke fans. Security made me move on from the Britannia so I drove around.

“I parked on motorway bridges and people were beeping their support at me and taking photos.

“He is not a long-term appointment, look at his track record, but it looks as though he is going to be appointed anyway.”

Indeed it does, Carl. Indeed it does.

Image: Twitter

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