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11 Series football art by Ty Palmer

We’ve all given careful consideration to our all-time dream XI at some stage.

While us mere mortals scribble a formation onto a beer mat, when you’re a talented artist and designer like Ty Palmer you can turn a bit of pub banter into a beautifully designed series of prints featuring your favourite players.

Of course, the thing we’re unlikely to agree on – since that’s sort of the point of the whole debate – is the dream team personnel.

Ty has gone for: 1. Dino Zoff, 2. Cafu, 3. Paolo Maldini, 4. Carlos Alberto, 5. Franz Beckenbauer, 6. Bobby Moore, 7. Cristiano Ronaldo, 8. Steven Gerrard, 9. Johan Cruyff, 10. Pele, 11. George Best.

What we can agree is that they look absolutely great. The Johan Cruyff piece is a particular favourite, so we’ve brought you that one as an example.

Check out the rest of the series on Ty’s website.

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