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Caught up in the modern football hype? Read Richer Than God by David Conn

You probably already know David Conn. He writes for the Guardian, often overlooking the usual fare of football journalism in favour of serious interrogation of the facts and finances behind our clubs.

Except, as Conn explains in his book Richer Than God, they’re not really clubs – they’re companies.

The book focuses mainly on the Manchester City takeover as Conn puts the Abu Dhabi millions into the context of his own relationship with his boyhood team. While City fans are the main target readers of the book, it’s worth a read no matter who you support.

Many of the frustrations at what is happening on the pitch and at boardroom level recalled by Conn in relation to his time following City will be familiar to fans of all teams.

But it’s the clarity of explanation as to how football’s money men have managed to take football clubs that were at the heart of our communities, price out the lifeblood of its support from attending matches and sidestep FA rules specifically designed to stop individuals profiting from football clubs.

Valuable information, even if it will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

On a less gloomy note, it also contains a couple of mentions for our friends at Street League.

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