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Going To The Match: A season-long collection of Sheffield United photos

This is one of those projects that it doesn’t really matter whether it’s about your club or not. The images are such that they will be recognisable to fans of most clubs (or at least fans of clubs who haven’t moved/improved to a shiny new stadium in recent years).

Going To The Match is the work of Sheffield United fan Ian Rands.

He explains: “As grounds changed beyond recognition, as new concrete bowls were built on the outskirts of towns and cities, a little bit of football’s soul was lost.

“Fans became customers, to the clubs it wasn’t just about going to the match, it was all about ‘a matchday experience’. But you can still see the characters in and around the ground and capture the moments (on and off the pitch).

“Armed with just an iPhone 4 I am trying to capture some of the moments, the atmosphere and the people in and around Bramall Lane, Sheffield United FC during the 2012/13 season.”

And with the season now wrapped up, that’s exactly what he’s accomplished. It makes for an impressive collection of matchday imagery.

Have a look at the photos now.

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