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Sunderland fan bans ‘plastic Mags’ from his bar / merchandise den

A Sunderland fan who converted his garage into a merchandise-decked bar more than 20 years ago has been letting a camera crew explore his memorabilia collection. But he revealed he is a bit more picky about who can come in when it comes to Newcastle fans.

Les Cooper, aged 53, has decorated his home bar with framed Sunderland photos, scarves, football shirts and even the matchball involved in the infamous 2009 ‘beach ball’ goal against Liverpool.

You’re free to enjoy his drinking den-come-museum… as long as you haven’t become a member of the Toon Army in the last 20 years.

He told Sky News: “The only black and whites I allow in here are those who can put up a valid argument.

“I don’t allow any plastic Mags in, by that I mean Keegan-ites. They are fans who have only supported Newcastle since 1993.”

“I don’t like fans who don’t know the history of their club.”

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