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Can you spot the 1980s football hooligan?

Thanks to the folks at Who Ate All The Pies for posting this handy hooligan spotting guide from the 1980s. They reckon it was probably published in the Daily Mirror in 1985.

The article reads:

Spot the real thug

Can you tell the violent thug from the true soccer fan? The bovver-booted model on the left looks ready for a punch-up but the casually dressed model on the right is wearing the new disguise.

And he is the real villain.

His £300 outfit may look smart but tucked in the pocket of his Italian jacket could well be a lethal Stanley knife.

The only pricey thing about the lad on the left is his Doc Marten boots. He may look a thug with his menacing looks but he’s more likely to be the genuine fan.

Advice that’s as true today as it was then. Beware the casually dressed…

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