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Why Martin Jol shouldn’t wear one of our scarves

We’re advising under-fire Fulham boss Martin Jol to give our scarves a wide berth for the next few weeks.

While we know that the vast majority of Savile Rogue scarves go on to become lucky match day scarves for fans on the terraces, the ones we’ve been supplying to Premier League managers have not been so successful of late.

First scarf standard-bearer Roberto Mancini was given the chop by Manchester City at the end of last season. Now, proud Savile Rogue owner Paolo Di Canio finds himself out of work before he even got any wear out of his scarf this season.

So, out of courtesy, we’re advising Mr Jol to wait until his side’s form improves before he thinks about buying a nice black-and-white bar scarf.

We don’t want to be held responsible for the consequences.

Image: Rob Noyes/Digital South

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