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Why Sir Alex Ferguson won’t be picking us any time soon

Keen observers of the Savile Rogue website might have noticed we’ve just launched our new range of beanie hats in 16 different colour options.

‘Great news for everyone,’ we thought. Then we found this bit of Sir Alex Ferguson’s new autobiography…

“You’ll not be going out with that beanie hat on. I’ll take you out of the team right now.”

Yes, it turns out the humble beanie hat was one of the reasons Fergie ended up selling David Beckham to Real Madrid. Becks arrived for training wearing his commendable choice in headgear.

He refused to take it off and was still wearing his beanie to dinner that night. Apparently, he was planning a big ‘reveal’ of a new haircut. That prompted the Fergie outburst we’ve quoted above.

Like Becks, we’re confident our beanie hats are worth risking the hairdryer treatment for.

See the new Savile Rogue beanie hats.

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