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Our new beanie hats: Savile Rogue, but for your head

Our cashmere scarves have long been established as providing unbeatable matchday warmth. While we continue to take pride in providing you with the finest in football neckwear, we couldn’t help but notice that your ears and head were not so well served.

Should you leave them exposed to the cold, cover them with an inferior product or wrap your Savile Rogue scarf round your head like some sort of footy-obsessed granny off to buy your groceries?

We decided that was a choice you shouldn’t have to make.

So, we’ve launched our new range of beanie hats. Just like our scarves they’re made from 100% cashmere wool, are designed to allow you to support your team in a more refined manner and will definitely keep you warm at the game.

See the full range of beanie hats.

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