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Newcastle manager Alan Pardew raids the club shop for a scarf

Alan Pardew has proven that Newcastle’s current lack of spending extends to his wardrobe. He raided the club shop for an £8.99 scarf to keep him warm during last night’s 0-4 home drubbing at the hands of Tottenham.

The Magpies boss plumped for the NUFC Pegasus scarf – which you can see more clearly here -and it didn’t appear to bring him much luck.

The Newcastle website doesn’t says what the scarf is made from, but we’ll hazard a guess at nylon. That’s no good for a blustery evening on Tyneside, Alan. And you’re only going to end up with an itchy neck when you get as hot under the collar as you must have during the Spurs game.

If we may be so bold, Mr Pardew, step this way..

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