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Neymar and Arturo Vidal in 50 years’ time by Marcelo Moya Ochoa

Marcelo Moya Ochoa is the director of art at BBDO Chile. With a World Cup in South America looming, he’s decided to stare into his crystal ball and imagine what some of the stars of the tournament might look like in 50 years’ time.

The results are a glimpse of what 72-year-old Neymar and 76-year-old Arturo Vidal might look like.

Brazil international Neymar is the undoubted pin-up boy of this summer’s tournament in his homeland.

We’re not sure if the Barcelona man will still be sporting his distinctive hairstyle in his seventies because he is wearing a rather fetching flat-cap.

Poor old Vidal hasn’t got much hair of any description (apart from his goatee, which is still going strong).

You can watch the Chile and Juventus star age before your very eyes…

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