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LPFC – Football Player Sleeve Art by Pennarello Design

We’ve featured the excellent Pennarello Design before and they are continuing to produce stunning work.

New York-based British graphic designer James Taylor is on target again with his latest project, which sees him produce imaginary album covers for footballers.

The style of the artwork ties the player in question to a particular record label and art style that’s in-keeping with their playing style, personality and geography.

So, as you might imagine, George Best gets something that’s is clearly Beatles-influenced.

James explained: “I felt that [Carlos] Valderrama’s hair instantly puts him into the mould of guitar virtuoso (on the Columbia label, of course).

“I imagined Jairzinho to make a funk-soul LP; it’s the right time period and he already has the look.

“Socrates, on the other hand, would perhaps make a folk or experimental record with a more political message.”

Head over to the Pennarello portfolio to see the rest of the artwork.

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