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Significant Moments In English Football by Rick Hinks

Manchester designer Rick Hinks has produced a range of posters showing ‘Significant Moment in English Football.

The posters give a technical drawing style analysis of important goals and other magical moments.

City fan Rick explained: “The idea to document football moments was just natural and I wanted each print to have consistency, but also have its own unique trait.

“It was halfway through the season after Aguero had won us the title, so that moment was still running through my head. Not only was it a great moment to capture in time, but it was one of hundreds of other moments, and there are hundreds more to come.

“Those kinds of moments are engraved in a fans mind for a life time, I just think it’s fascinating that you can re-create it in such a simplistic way and it still re-ignites the emotion from that day.”

See the full range of prints here.

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