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Panini Cheapskates hand-drawn football stickers

There has been a bit of coverage about the cost of completing this year’s Panini World Cup sticker album. Apparently, it will set you back an average of £450 to collect all 639 stickers.

One fan has cut those costs dramatically by drawing all of the stickers instead.

The supporter, known only as Alex, has set up the Panini Cheapskates blog and is now drawing every sticker over the course of the tournament.

He doesn’t pretend they’re particularly accurate or artistic, but you cannot argue with the price. Each sticker is hand-drawn with stationery he has borrowed from work.

Of the ‘stickers’ of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard we’re featuring here, he said: “With apologies to Frank in particular, and to art in general.”

See all the Panini Cheapskates so far.

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