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The Coolest Team Of All Time? by Michael Atkinson

Illustrator Michael Atkinson has turned his attention to the Denmark’s 1986 World Cup squad, posing the possibility that they might just be the coolest team ever.

This new piece, soon to be available as a print, is in collaboration with Mundial Magazine. Michael’s work is to accompany an article within the magazine.

The Hummel-clad heroes of that team are captured, inevitably, in red and white to match their fantastic kit. The Danish Dynamite, as they were dubbed in the summer of 1986, won a lot of admirers for their swashbuckling approach.

They topped their group after recording wins over Scotland, Uruguay and West Germany. Although they collapsed and were comprehensively beaten by Spain in the next round, they had already made their mark on the tournament.

See The Coolest Team Of All Time? in full.

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