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Major League Soccer has a logo redesign

Major League Soccer has had a bit of spruce up ahead of its forthcoming expansion.

It’s safe to say the old MLS logo, with the boot kicking the ball, was starting to look its age.

The league has gone down a bit of a classier route. Everything is a bit more stripped back, with the league logo taking inspiration from club crests.

They’ve also gone into great detail about the thinking behind the design.

For instance the white perimeter “represents the lines that mark off the field of play”.

And the slash going diagonally across the crest apparently represents “soccer’s speed and energy, “the nonstop nature of our game” and “the rising trajectory of our league”. It also “bisect the crest to create a ‘first half’ and ‘second half’.

We probably preferred it more before we knew the thinking behind it!

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