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Matchday - Bournemouth programme

AFC Bournemouth’s glossy ‘Matchday’ programme

Thanks to the always excellent 12elfthman for flagging up Bournemouth’s innovation with their matchday programme.

They’ve move away from the traditional programme look in favour of a high-end glossy magazine (although a vintage reprint of a traditional programme for a corresponding fixture from yesteryear is printed inside).

It all looks very smart and some great design work has gone into it, creating something you’d expect to find at a particular upmarket newsagents rather than outside a Football League ground.

While this is a move in a different direction than the Huddersfield Town programme we featured recently, it’s nice to see clubs looking at what they can do to keep their publications relevant and ensure they sell.

Have a closer look at Bournemouth’s ‘Matchday’ over at 12elfthman.

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