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Photo: A blind Atletico Mineiro fan supporting his team

The great shot was taken by Brazilian photographer Dani Teobaldo at the weekend.

It shows a blind Atletico Mineiro fan doing what most of us would call ‘watching’ our team – except he can’t actually watch the game in the traditional sense.

The fan in question is essentially enjoying the game as a radio commentary, except with real-life atmosphere and camaraderie.

Though we’ve no doubt he is just a miserable as any other supporter if his side loses, it serves as a nice reminder to those of us without a visual impairment that supporting your team and the matchday experience is something that goes beyond what we see on the pitch. In the reactionary climate in which football is now played, there’s probably a lesson to be learnt here.

Well done to Dani for capturing the moment. See more of his work here.

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