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3D gif of Pele’s unseen greatest goal

A 3D graphic of the goal Pele considers to be his greatest ever has been created.

The Brazilian legend thinks the finest of his many strikes came when he was aged just 18 and playing for Santos against Atletico Juventus in 1959.

There is no video footage of the goal in question, so it has now been recreated on the basis of Pele’s recollection, accounts from fans who were in the stadium on the day and newspaper reports from the time.

Pele beats the first man, then flicks the ball over a defender’s head, over another defender’s head, over the goalkeeper’s head, and then meets the ball on the other side of the keeper to nod it into the back of the net, before sliding away in celebration.

How close it is to the real thing we will never know, but it is safe to say that Colin Hendry will wish this footage had been doing the rounds in 1996.

You can see the gif below:

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