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Corinthians Paulista vs Corinthian-Casuals poster by Osvaldo Oz Casanova

Back in the day, Brazilian side Corinthians – the club of the likes of Socrates and Rivelino – were a far-flung spin-off of Kingston-upon-Thames’ Corinthian-Casuals.

With the English side now playing in the Isthmian League Division One South, it is safe to say their namesakes have the higher profile.

But it was a Corinthian-Casuals tour to Brazil in 1910 that inspired Corinthians Paulista’s founders to set the club up.

They headed back to South America last week so the two teams could meet for a charity game. Some 25,000 watched the friendly at the Arena Corinthians on Saturday, with more watching on TV.

The game even had a poster commissioned. Italian designer Osvaldo Oz Casanova got the nod and he did a very nice job.

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