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Family collect TWO MILES of football scarves to raise money for disabled son

The parents of a young boy with a debilitating genetic disorder have collected hundreds of football scarves in a bid to help raise awareness of their son’s ultra-rare condition.

Mark and Rachel Lund originally began collecting in an attempt to break a world record and raise funds for their six-year-old son Alfie, who suffers with a rare DNA disorder that leaves him unable to walk or talk.

Now, once laid end-to-end, the Lunds’ enormous line of memorabilia stretches out for more than two miles – with the scarves having to be spooled up into big reels to transport them around.

That’s because dad Mark has started exhibiting the collection at football grounds the length and breadth of the country, collecting money for Alfie as he goes.

Everton became the latest club to display the Lunds’ wares this weekend with the Toffees helping to festoon the Goodison Park terraces with a plethora of scarves, shirts and flags.

“It was fantastic. Everyone we spoke to was so friendly and helpful,” Mark told the Liverpool Echo.

“We only ever thought we’d take it to six or seven grounds with the collection, but clubs kept getting in touch and wanting to get involved.

“By May 2nd we will have been to 21 grounds and have visited clubs from 13 different leagues – from non-league right up to the Premiership.

“There are so many scarves now we roll them all up and put them on a reel to transport them around.”

A man after our own hearts! You can never have too many football scarves.

(Image: Liverpool Echo/Colin Lane)

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