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Illustrator Ed Cowburn provides stark glimpse into Leeds’ Red Bull future

After enduring many months of managerial turmoil and other miscellaneous nonsense at Elland Road, it finally looks like the current Leeds ownership are finally ready to sell up, cut their losses and ship out.

However, it also looks as though the Championship club are about to amble from the frying pan directly into the corporate fire with the news that energy drink giants Red Bull are currently in talks to take the helm, with a £60million takeover deal being mooted in press circles.

Red Bull currently own a small gaggle of football teams across the world, most of them despised by rival fans for selling out and dominating their respective leagues thanks to the bottomless pits of money provided by their new fat-cat sponsors.

Upon hearing of the potential takeover of his club, illustrator Ed Cowburn has provided his fellow Leeds supporters with a stark glimpse into the future – mocking up an image of 20-year-old Whites prodigy Alex Mowatt celebrating in his brand new Red Bull strip.

Russell Crowe doesn’t look like such a ridiculous option all of a sudden!

Call us old fashioned, but we definitely prefer the original.

If anything else, Leeds’ new strip wouldn’t look half as snazzy when teamed up with a Savile Rogue scarf in their traditional colours, now would it?

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