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Kampion: The football card game with a beautiful difference

If, like us, you whiled away countless hours collecting football stickers back in days of yore, then there’s a good chance this one will be right up your alley…so to speak.

You see, Kampion is a card game like no other – in fact, as they themselves so rightly claim, it is closer to being a “playable art gallery”.

Rather than using dull, uniform designs, Kampion is a worldwide collaborative art effort, with each separate card painstakingly created by a talented illustrator using their own individual style.

All the players have had their names re-jigged to avoid any tricky copyright issues, though the inspiration behind each illustration is pretty clear.

For example, while it may say ‘Lovecraft’ on the card, we’re certainly struggling to think of another flame-haired, Viking-bearded American centre-back beyond Alexi Lalas.

Oozing with style, the Kampion cards cover legions of legendary players from a vast range of footballing ages, with each artist creating stunning stylised homages to their favourite stars.

The traditional version of the game itself plays like Top Trumps, though there are a further three alternative game modes to keep things interesting.

Not that you should be playing with them at all, of course. By rights, these things belong in frames!

The best part? There are five full decks of these achingly beautiful mini-masterpieces available to purchase over on the Kampion store.

You can view the full gallery by heading over to their Instagram page: @kampioncardgame.

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