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Ipswich and Norwich supporting sheep get their wool dyed in Old Farm Derby colours

Providing the world’s finest football scarves directly to fans doesn’t often leave us feeling like middlemen, but we definitely feel like we’ve been cut out of this equation!

We’re obviously big advocates of wearing wool that’s been dyed in your team’s colours to show where your loyalties lie… it’s just that we usually expect that wool to take the form of a scarf first.

Not so in the case of these dyed-in-the-wool Ipswich and Norwich fans.

Presumably peeved that we’ve been using wool from cashmere goats in Mongolia rather than sheep in East Anglia, these fanatical ovine have taken matters into their own, erm, hooves.

The sheep in question belong to Easton and Otley College and were decked out for the Old Farm Derby earlier this year. Presumably they’ve got their colours back on for tomorrow’s playoff semi-final second leg.

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