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MK Dons and Wimbledon: Is this the worst half-and-half scarf ever?

‘Tis one of the scourges of the modern age and a concept nigh-on unfathomable to most right-minded football fans, but for reasons unbeknownst the half-and-half scarf continues to thrive.

Indeed, spotted among the crowd as the MK Dons secured their promotion to the Championship with a thumping win over Yeovil on the final day of the season, was quite possibly the most ridiculous example of the medium ever to have existed in the history of everything ever!

Hark at this fan, proudly holding his MK Dons/AFC Wimbledon half-and-halfer aloft.

Yep. We mean, there’s split loyalties and then there’s split loyalties. What a nonsense.

For the uninitiated, MK Dons only came into existence when, having received the green light from the FA in 2002, Wimbledon uprooted from their home South London and relocated in a brand new prefab stadium in Milton Keynes in a bid to haul themselves out of the administration mire. They were swiftly rebranded and entered League One as the MK Dons in 2004.

A few years later AFC Wimbledon were formed as a reaction to their former parent club selling out, with both splinter teams seeing themselves as the right and honourable heirs to Wimbledon’s storied history.

To call the ongoing relationship between the two clubs “frosty” is doing it one holy hell of a disservice.

And yet, this abomination of a scarf still exits. Mind-boggling isn’t it?

Do yourself a favour sunshine and sort yourself out with either a Wimbledon scarf or an MK Dons scarf.

You really can’t have it both ways.

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