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‘Sideburn Bob’ – clip art star of thousands of programmes

In the days before computer desktop publishing was commonplace in every aspect of printwork, it wasn’t so easy to produce a glossy matchday programme featuring a high-resolution image of your star man on the front cover.

No, many clubs had to resort to a clip art cartoons on the cover… and it turns out many of them opted for the very same piece of clip art.

Twitter user @TheSkyStrikers has been collating images from various club, leagues and even countries of the cartoon in use on programme covers.

The player, who has become known as Sideburn Bob, was nothing if not prolific.

He crops up an programme covers everywhere from Kilmarnock to Woking, and from Dundalk to General Chemicals FC. He may change colour or kit, but his facial features and his distinctive hair and sideburns remain untouched.

His heyday was around the 1978/79 but he was still active until the 1990s, by which his sideburns had arguably overstayed their welcome.

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