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Pre-season cashmere care for your Savile Rogue scarf

With your Savile Rogue scarf out of action for the summer, now is the time to show it a bit of pre-season care to ensure it’s in good shape for the new campaign.

It might not be the football season right now, but it is clothes moth season – that means your scarf needs some assistance to keep them at bay.

Wash your scarf

The best thing you can do to stop moths eating your scarf is to wash it. Moths only eat dirty wool because they are attracted to body oils, not the cashmere itself.

Your scarf (unless it is the dry clean only Classic) should be handwashed in cold water using a delicate detergent. Wringing the wet scarf might cause it to become misshaped.

The video below is about a mint green cashmere v-neck rather than a scarf in your team’s colours, but the advice is still relevant.

Repel moths

As an extra line of defence – the Nemanja Matic of your scarf care regime, if you like – you could use lavender, rosemary, thyme, cloves, cedar or orange peel tied in gauze of a handkerchief to repel moths. Never place your repellent package directly onto the scarf though.

Following those tips will help to ensure your scarf is hole-free, feels softer and lasts longer.

Click here to get our full cashmere care guidelines.

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