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Bayern fans protest about ticket prices

“£64 a ticket, but without fans football is not worth a penny” declared the Bayern Munich fans’ banners at Emirates stadium, home of Europe’s most expensive seats, before the Champions League tie last night.

A large number of the Germans deliberately missed the first five minutes of the game to emphasise their message. When they did arrive they were warmly applauded by the entire Emirates crowd for two minutes before normal rivalries were resumed.

When a season ticket at Bayern costs £104, and a single ticket at Arsenal can cost £129, you could say they have a point. Arsenal FC will point to market forces, and their fans probably felt they had good value, even at these prices, as they beat Bayern 2-0.  Cynics would say a better protest would have been to not to pay the £64 in the first place, but to invest it in something of real and lasting quality. A cashmere Bayern scarf for example….?

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