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3 Tips for Enjoying the Premier League

The English Premier League was founded in 1992 and runs from August to May. Since its establishment, the cross-border League has featured 47 English and 2 Welsh clubs. We’re here to help you make this the best season yet!

Celebrate In Style

Football fans do suffer from a negative public perception, especially when it comes to how we celebrate and treat fans from opposing teams after a match. That’s why our first tip for how to enjoy the current Premier League is to celebrate in style. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate by going out or drinking, it only means to keep in mind that fans are a reflection of the clubs they support and that football celebrations never need to get out of hand.

Dress For The Weather

As the League runs from August to May, it covers all four seasons. If you are going to watch a match at a stadium, be sure to wrap up as temperatures start to drop. Perhaps a luxury cashmere scarf or a pair of premium leather gloves can help… Not only will you look the part in your team’s colours, you can avoid the chill and focus on the game too.

Watch With Friends

Whether you’re watching a match at home, at your local pub or at the stadium, be sure to surround yourself with friends and family, even if they support an opposing team. Sport has an incredible power to bring people together and that’s why enjoying football together is our final tip for how to make the most of the Premier League this season.

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