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Winter Survival Guide for Football Fans

As we head into the colder months, watching live matches is bound to get a little less comfortable for fans, especially those who aren’t dressed for the lower temperatures and damper weather that autumn and winter characteristically bring.

(Don’t) Keep A Cool Head

While it’s a myth that heat escapes from the body mostly through the head, it is one part of the body that many don’t dress or cover properly, meaning people do lose body heat through their heads.

To keep your head warm and protected in the winter, make sure you cover up with a good quality hat, such as our cashmere beanies, available in a variety of colour combinations.

Get Social

While it’s important to enjoy the game you’re attending, being able to keep up with updates from other matches or celebrate with friends and family is important too. Avoid having to go through the gloves-on-gloves-off performance by getting your hands on (or rather, in) a pair of our touchscreen leather gloves, designed to keep your hands warm while still able to use your touchscreen device with ease.

Enjoy A Pitch-Side Drink

Although you’re not allowed to drink in in view of the pitch in the UK, you can enjoy a tipple beforehand to warm you up. Stay classy with our chrome plated, stainless steel Away Day hip flask, with twin hip flasks in one black leather pouch.

Show Your Team Pride

Show off your team pride with a luxury cashmere scarf to match your beanie in your team colours. With a variety of scarves in dozens of colour combinations, Savile Rogue’s scarves are the ideal football match companion.

Stay On Your Toes

Keep your feet warm while watching the match at home or at the stadium with Savile Rogue’s range of socks and slipper socks, which are available in a variety of colours.

These are just a few of our useful tips to help you stay warm this winter. Share your other tips with us on Twitter @SavileRogue.


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