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Predictions for the 2019/20 football season

It’s here! Premier League season is finally underway, but who’s our favourite to win? And who’ll be relegated when it’s all over? Read on for our predictions for the season.

Who will win the Premier League?

Without a doubt, Liverpool are in with a chance this season. With the third-highest point total ever and only one domestic loss, their outstanding performance last season has stood them in good stead.

Ok, so there’s also a handful of reasons why Liverpool may not do it. They haven’t added much depth to the squad and have exceeded two seasons in a row. However, Klopp has proven that he learns from his mistakes and we’re sure he’ll put on a consistent performance.

It’s a close one, but the sensible choice is seemingly Manchester City to win.

After City and Liverpool, who will round out the top 4?

The odds may be leaning towards Chelsea, but after the transfer embargo enforced earlier in 2019, it seems Chelsea may be falling away. Whether you have faith in Lampard at Chelsea or not, the more likely choices for top 4 are Man United and Tottenham.

Tottenham have a lot of potential but lack the consistency to win the league. However, it would be great for them to come in the top 4 and they’re a capable team.

Who rounds out the top 6?

Chelsea may not be good enough for the top 4, but they are certainly good enough with enough impressive talent to make the top 6. Arsenal are also a top choice, and Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette are sure to give us some entertaining games.

Who gets relegated?

Brighton barely scraped through last year and they’ve only made minor improvements to the squad. It isn’t looking too good for Southampton, but after three games they have Newcastle and Watford sitting below them. With Newcastle’s record new signing Joelinton having got his goal scoring underway against Tottenham, can they start to find more goals and start their typically mid-season push for safety a bit earlier this campaign?  Watford, the only team after the first three games still looking for a point finished last season mid-table and in the FA Cup Final against Man City.  So is this a slow start or a sign of things to come?

Sheffield United haven’t spent a lot following their promotion but have Villa replicated Fulham with nearly 100k in transfers but at the risk of a loss in team cohesion?  There are no guarantees but to show how complex the strategies can be, we’re backing Norwich to be the sole remaining promoted team at the end of the season…

To the fans of Southampton, Villa and Sheffield United, we’re sorry but we believe it will be a tough result at the end of this league campaign.

Any surprises?

Despite Norwich’s 4-0 loss to Liverpool, we’re looking forward to seeing how they get on this season. They have been playing expansive football that is heavy on the attack, this may not fair well against the bigger teams like Liverpool and Man City – but it’ll be great to watch them pick up points against the other teams in the league. Our prediction for Norwich is 12th. Although they’ve not spent as much as Villa, etc, their team retention rate is one of the highest in the league.

Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out? Don’t forget to show your support for your side and buy a top-quality football scarf in your team’s colours!

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