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Savile Rogue’s Quality Commitment & Price Promise

In our latest news letter, we wanted to revisit our commitment to quality and remind you, as one of our subscribers, of our Price Promise at a time when the news has reached saturation point on Brexit and the state of economy worldwide…

Savile Rogue’s Quality Commitment

From inception Savile Rogue has looked to provide customers, football and rugby followers alike, what we as like minded fans want.  A premium quality, tastefully representative scarf in team colours. With our continued growth and experience, we have been able to improve our scarves and product range in our bid to strive for perfection.  From cashmere and mixed wool blend scarves we achieved our goals of being able to supply 100% cashmere scarves and have been doing so for a number of years, absorbing the especially sensitive fluctuations in costs that cashmere supplies are affected by. We strive to not just supply quality cashmere scarves, but the made from finest luxury 100% Mongolian cashmere known worldwide for its quality in knitwear.

We understand, for some people, the price of our cashmere scarves might raise some questions, but we aren’t pulling the wool over your eyes (sorry), they aren’t being sold as a complete replacement to those itchy nylon scarves found on market stalls on match day. Our luxury 100% cashmere scarves make your allegiance clear on match day but remain appropriate when arriving at those important meetings throughout the week.

So our look to the future… we are working closely with Mongolian Goat Farmers to ensure our scarves are made from not only the finest cashmere in the world, but that is guaranteed to be ethically and sustainable sourced with accreditation approved by the Sustainable Fibre Association.  

Savile Rogue’s Price Promise

The impact of climate change and global market changes all affect the operational and manufacturing costs to our business on top of the increased costs associated with our sustainability and ethically manufacturing mission statement. Whilst we have seen significant cost increases with some of our cashmere products, we have battled to keep our scarves the same prices our customers have recognised over the last few years and not increase our prices every time we’ve had to increase our associated manufacturing costs.

Financial fluctuations are sometimes beyond our control. With factors like world economy, imports and exchange rates etc, we have been warned there may be some increase during the next season in raw materials and imports, we will endeavour to keep any increases to a minimum and will remain committed to our clients.

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