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A look back at some of the best ( worst) football shirts

Bolton Wanderers went viral recently after announcing that “Home Bargains”, the discount home store would be stepping up to be the team’s new official shirt sponsor. Fans were torn but, honestly, the team was close to liquidation so it could’ve been worse.

After this, we thought we would take a look back at some of the best and worst football shirts of all time and what made them so. Let’s kick it off with some of the most iconic options.

England Shirt (1966)

Is there anything more iconic than the long-sleeved pure red England away shirt designed by Umbro in 1966?

This shirt is simple but still looks great. It’s probably the most memorable shirt from England (not just because we won the World Cup in it) – super stylish and replicas are still worn today!

Manchester United, home, Champions League (1998-99)

Alex Ferguson at the helm. Gary Neville, David Beckham, Andy Cole, Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes. One of United’s most iconic lineups during one of their most successful seasons. There’s a reason this red and white collared shirt will go down as one of the greats.

Newcastle United, home, Adidas (1995-97)

The black and white stripes. The big Newcastle Brown logo. This was a shirt that stood out and every Newcastle fan has been proud to wear ever since. Not many other teams can adopt the black and white without drawing comparisons to the northern club.

Now let’s have a look at a few of those shirts that should’ve been given a red card.

England, goalkeeper, Umbro (1996)

England topped our best shirt list and here they are on our worst shirt list too. There’s a lot to unpack. I think it’s already on record that this is one of the worst shirts that’s been produced and poor David Seaman got to wear this absolute belter. It’s an overwhelming amount of colour with “ENGLAND” and “Football Association” printed all over it.

Hull City, home, Matchwinner (1992-93)

Hull City, why? We get it. You’re the Hull City Tigers now. But did they really need a full tiger print shirt? I know it’s hard when your team colours are orange and black to make something fashionable and subtle but subtly really went out the window with this one.

Cameroon, home (a onesie), Puma (2004)

We really tried not to mention this, but we had too. We’ve got the infamous Cameroon home onesie.

Cameroon are no strangers to taking on FIFA after their controversial sleeveless kit which ended up getting them in some bother back in 2002. After it was ruled not a shirt by FIFA but a vest, Cameroon wore a short-sleeve undershirt with their regular vest over the top.

But we are here to talk about the onesie. To be fair, design-wise, this kit probably would’ve faded out as a plain green tee with red shorts. But it was one piece of material for reasons unknown.

FIFA wasn’t happy with this either and Cameroon were fined $154,000 and lost 6 points for their qualifying World Cup group. Puma and FIFA eventually settled out of court and the kit was never seen again.

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