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What To Wear On Match Day

Football fans have their own aesthetic when it comes to match day…

… From the casuals to the try-hards, then there’s always someone in a full kit despite the weather.

In this post, we’re rounding up some of the top fans you’re guaranteed to see on matchday.

The full kitters

These absolute renegades dress in full kit on the coldest of days, come rain or shine. They’ve got the socks, the shorts, the shirt, the whole shebang. When it’s a kid in their full kit, you might think it’s cute. It gets a little worrying the older they get and significantly less cute. However, social media loves spotting these fashion icons. They even have their own hashtag for spotting a full kitter out in public…

The golden oldies

Heroes, who’ve dedicated their lives to their club, usually a little older, but show no signs of slowing down. These local legends are often seen repping matching football shirts on match day.

Sometimes they have an anniversary scribed across their back instead of a players number. Often they have a trusty scarf and have adorned with lots of memorial pin badges. Definite respect for these legends among the fans. Fantastic dedication.

Casual fans

Not quite as committed as a full kitter, but will definitely be repping a replica shirt. Sometimes feeling the need to pop their own name on the back. Combined with a pair of jeans and trainers, this is a classic style. They’re just missing a luxury scarf to top it off.

The well dressed

These people absolutely kill it come match day. They’re up to date, looking like they’ve just walked right off the cover of the newest issue of GQ. Probably wearing Chelsea boots, their fitted trousers and a big woollen overcoat. And obviously the piece de resistance, the luxury cashmere scarf. Simple and elegant. These people can go seamlessly from football fan to a night out.

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