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Football’s coming home (or at least to a neutral venue)

Football’s coming home, it’s coming home! Well, kind of?

There’s lots of work going on behind the scenes to get the Premier League season finished off as soon as possible. Will Liverpool get the title? Who’s getting relegated?

Apparently, we’re just weeks away from football coming back. The FA are hoping to kick off again in mid-June. Obviously, we’re not piling back into stadiums any time soon. The plan is a slow return and keeping it measured and safe. Rolling out live coverage for the masses and making matches more accessible. Some are even suggesting the paywall be removed entirely. 

There was even a wild suggestion about restarting the season in Perth, Australia. It seems like every option has been explored to make sure the season can be completed.

But it looks like Project Restart as it has been dubbed, is staying home side. The problem is that it needs to strike a balance between being safe and making a return. Obviously, everyone wants football back. But people don’t want what happened when PSG played their games behind closed doors. Fans turned up together outside the stadium cheering on the home team, defeating the purpose of playing behind closed doors.

But how can you play football and social distance? This is a concern for some players who’ve voiced their worries about what’s going on. They obviously don’t want to risk exposing themselves or their families to any viruses or germs, which is a valid concern.

One plan is to play all the games back to back in quick succession, keeping all the players together in a sports village type setup. Then have them run COVID-19 tests and temperature checks to try to create a safe bubble for them to play out their final games, sort of like a mini-World Cup situation.

A lot of plans are being discussed so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the situation. Ultimately, we hope a solution can be found to finish the season safely. 

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