About Us

Savile Rogue was founded in 2006, because we wanted to watch and support our beloved teams with a bit of luxury, without having cheap nylon around our necks. Using a Scottish mill we set about making traditional football scarves in cashmere wool that were sumptuously soft, stylish and subtly free of club names and logos. Scarves that were high enough quality to wear not just to the match but on any occasion.


Cashmere wool is one of the most precious natural fibres known to man. It is uniquely soft and warm without being bulky. Our fine, top grade wool is selected from cashmere goats in Mongolia, the world’s cashmere capital.

We’ve slowly added to our initial range, offering many new styles of scarf, all based on traditional sporting designs. In 2014 we introduced cashmere rugby scarves, allowing us to enjoy our other favourite sport in style, with the later addition of gloves, snoods and matching trouser braces. the perfect combination of style to support your favourite teams.

Savile Rogue has developed strong ties with some of the UK’s leading fan sites and bloggers. We love the fact that supporters have such a strong, intelligent and independent voice in the face of relentless corporatisation of sport. And we support any initiative that sees the building of inner city sports facilities and the inclusion of the maximum number of people in the game, please contact us if you feel we could support your cause. 

In 2016 Savile Rogue was added to the already established portfolio of ecommerce sites run by Legend Products Ltd. “We’re a very small team but we aim to offer a high level of customer service”   Our customer service team is available to answer your calls Monday to Friday on 01606 780267. or alternatively we’d love to hear from you by email info@savile-rogue.com