Cashmere Care

Caring for your cashmere scarf

Whilst your Savile Rogue scarf should last many years, cashmere is a very delicate wool and should be looked after carefully:

  • Pilling- this is the caused by tiny balls of fluff that build up over time on knitted woollen products. It’s actually the wool fibres naturally shedding, caused by wearing and is not an indication of quality. After gently handwashing your knitted scarf, any pilling will reduce greatly.
  • A cashmere comb brushes off any pilling. Simply lay your cashmere flat and run the comb over the surface to refresh its finish. Over time the pilling will reduce and your scarf will look flawless for longer.
  • Treat stains immediately with cold water, blot dry with a clean cloth, but never use a paper towel.
  • After wearing, lay the scarf flat, as this helps to get rid of odours such as cigarette smoke.
  • Always store cashmere wool folded and allow breathing space.
  • Clean your scarf before summer storage, as moths are attracted to body oils and dirt and not the actual wool.
  • Repel moths using lavender, rosemary, thyme, cloves, cedar or orange peel tied up in gauze or a handkerchief. Never place this directly onto the scarf though.

Deluxe, Hattrick, Minibar, Microbar, King, Superking and Youth

Handwash in cold water using a delicate wool detergent, though please be careful not to wring the wet scarf or you will mis-shape it. Roll in a towel to remove excess water and leave to dry flat.

Do not machine wash scarves with tassels (they unravel when spun). Do not tumble dry.

You can dry clean. Once a season should be enough.

Dark colours and reds may transfer colour, so be careful to keep separate during washing and drying.

Fuzz – you can remove surface fuzz and bobbles with a Savile Rogue cashmere comb.

Classic – our woven cashmere scarf

Dry-clean only – once a season should be enough. Excessive dry cleaning can give a glazed appearance and over exposure to chemicals can degrade the fibre over a prolonged period.

Savile Rogue socks

Wool cashmere blend socks – these can be machine or hand washed, but they are wool so will shrink at high temperatures (wash at 30° max).

Wash with similar colours as there is slight risk of colour transfer with strong colours, especially on initial washes.

Slipper socks

Machine wash at 30-40°.

Faithful – our merino / cotton scarves

Hand wash in cool water. Roll excess water out – do not wring. Dry flat to retain shape.