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You may have noticed the atmospheric fan photos on our home page. These are the work of Adam Lloyd, a Reading fan who moved to Italy a few years ago and started following Roma. He’s now the official photographer of the AS Roma supporters’ club and so is able to get some terrific shots of these passionate fans on match day.

You can check out Adam’s photography on his Flickr site. Give him a follow on Twitter too: @adamlloyd

Previous photographers to have appeared on the Savile Rogue website include the inimitable Stuart Roy Clarke. Stuart is the UK’s leading photographer of football fans, and his work can be seen at the National Football Museum in Manchester. You can buy Stuart’s work from his website.

Other home page images have been by Ian Rands, whose shots appear below. Ian has spent large chunks of his free time capturing the crowd at Bramall Lane on his iPhone. Ian’s photo project, Going To The Match, can be seen here.

In the past we have featured photos by Franz Lapper, Duncan Hull, Matthew Wilkinson, Jon Candy, Pete Walker and G. Mersberg. All photos remain copyright of owners.

If you’re a budding Stuart Roy Clarke, we are always looking for more matchday photography to use on the Savile Rogue website. Your photographs could convey the excitement (or banality)  of going to a game, whether before, during or after – in the stadium, street, pub or chip shop. They can show the highs or the lows, the atmosphere, the reality of being a football fan.

Contact us with your shots and if we feature yours you will win a Savile Rogue scarf of your choice for each photo we use.

Please send your shots to us via email or our Facebook page.

By submitting shots to us, you agree to our terms and conditions – see here.